Harmony of Elegance

With this article, I want to start collecting observations and guidelines, in general, on how to dress and present themselves to others, so that they can serve as a guide and reference in case of doubt. As Lord Brummell said in his interview, the true Elegance is not the one that gets noticed. A person is spontaneous and truly elegant and reserved, does not have the air of a macho or a model. Fashion is something elusive, often comes from not know where, do not know who started from. Someone may tell you what is the fashion in London, Paris or New York, but it is very likely that if you were to visit those cities you will find a completely different trends.

Fashion should be followed, but not too much should serve as an inspiration to later emerge to your own taste, its own personality. The stylish person is not the one wearing a nice dress, but one that we know to behave in a manner as consistent as possible and without blemish, that can fit in different contexts.

Elegance’s made by the harmony of a dress, accessories, the person who is wearing them, and the context in which it moves.

Every situation has its most appropriate way to dress. Some argue that the basis of all true elegance there is the fear of ridicule; without reaching such a drastic position, it is definitely a sufficient degree of objectivity, and always have the knowledge that the mirror does not makes us see how we really are, but as we would like to be seen by others.