Mirror neurons, soul reflections

The mirror effect allows nerve cells involved to be activated when the subject observes a fellow make a move or try a feeling that he has made or tried in the past. Imagine a guy who likes football while watching the series in streaming; neurons that are activated in his nervous system while watching Balotelli beat the penalty is the same that would activate if he were to kick the ball. The motion carried by a person, as perceived by the observer visual stimulus is transmitted to its motor system by activating neurons that encode the movement and allowing a motor representation of the observed. The observer understands the action taken by his fellow thanks to this communication that goes from the visual sensory system to the motor, resulting in a motor action potential. You are at the restaurant with a friend sitting opposite each other; the waiter serves you a steak with salad, your friend grabs the knife and fork and you understand immediately what is going to do! This is thanks to the Mirror System.

neuroni specchio e empatiaThe mirror system has been discovered by Giacomo Rizzolatti and colleagues at the University of Parma in the mid-90s in the premotor cortex of the macaque, a species similar to humans as primarily social. The scientific nature of this discovery is proven by MRI studies. This system explains from a physiological point of view the ability of human beings to relate with each other and to understand the intentions and emotions. Even empathy, concept that I discussed in the previous post, finds its scientific explanation in this class of neurons, which by their properties are called mirror neurons. Observe a person crying brings us to empathize with it, or to feel sadness testing it like it was ours; visual perception of the sad person is transmitted to the neural substrate that encodes the emotion of sadness, creating the emotional representation of that emotion; this allows understanding.

Neuroni speechio, riflessi d'anima e compassionwIt’s easy to see the immense importance that the mirror system has for the survival of man. Imagine if suddenly all the people of the world barricasse in its certainties without being able in any way to open up to the convictions of the other. Imagine all the people of the world suddenly lose the ability to connect emotionally with each other.

A new tower of Babel!

Neuroni specchio riflessi d'anima e MagritteWho Shall Survive?

J. L. Moreno, the creator of psychodrama, answers this question in his book, which is titled the same question, and states that survive will be those who will win the tendency to conserve cultural and robots that replace human being killing his creativity ; you will save those who can stay creative, and I would add is to save those who can be empathetic.

How you can stimulate empathy?

Psychodrama helps us with some of his techniques. The central, very empathogenic, is the role reversal: this allows the person on whom it is applied to take the role of the other significant, to try to feel the interiority and express it. In doing so the subject can discover and experiment with different ways and nuances relations explored, looking at himself from a new perspective and external perspective that eterocentrata. The technique has a double feature empathogenic for auxiliary ego that performs, in fact leads to a strong identification, coming to assume the same posture of the person or maintain physical contact with it expressing the inner life according to their own feelings.
This makes you feel the person receiving the double understood and less confusing than its inner experiences, and allows the person making the double to train his capacity for empathy, trying to connect with each other by translating the inner emotional.

Wonderful, isn’t it?