The Man who built his Life upon his own Style

This article starts The Stylosopher“, a blog built to be at least a bit different from what you can already find on internet, if you’ll have the patience to read all the issues I’m going to post,  I hope you will learn to appreciate the way, my contributors and I, will talk about Style, Facts of Life and Points of View. And what better way to start  with an imaginary interview to the person who had Style as a Philosophy of Life and who has been able to leave his footprint to the most part of the society he lived in: Lord George Brummell, as known as “Beau“.

So, come with me: we’ll travel back to the past, to meet him in the spring of 1817, in Calais, where he moved after several economic problems due to his passion for gambling and an unsolved issue with King George IV.

TS: “Hello, Lord Brummell, it’s an honor to meet you in person, you are a living legend, how do you feel in this role?”

GB: “Thank you for your kind words, but honestly, more than a living legend, I feel myself like a relic of an Era that no longer exists: of course, sometimes it happens, actually too often, that people I used attended in London, when I lived in Chesterfield Street, come here for a visit, with the hidden hope of stealing any of my secrets about Style to then recycle them at their parties, but the atmosphere that once made those ​​moments of relaxation and happiness so unique, has gone.”

TS Sentence 2-11

TS: Tell me, Beau Brummell, what is the Style for you?”

GB: You have no idea how many times I have been asked to answer this question, I guess that just a few have understood my answer. You see, the Style is something very personal that evolves with our own experience. Over the years I have always tried to live outside the box, in the beginning flaunting a way to appear to give an image of me, totally different from the usual habits of my time, then I realized that a simple elegance would help me to bring out the finer details of my character, which would have made ​​their mark over any kind of sumptuous clothes. So that’s the Style.

TS Sentence 1-11

TS: So for you, Style is, as first a way of relating to the others? And again, people remember you for all the innovations you brought into fashion, for a lot of men you are the One, the example to follow!”

GB: I don’t know if anyone will remember about me after my death, and which idea the new generations will have of my lifestyle. I never gave anything up in my life, I’ve always pushed myself  to their limits. and sometimes beyond them; I don’t regret anything I did, it was part of my own being, but if a memory of myself has to remain for the next gentlemen, I don’t want be remembered for the clothes I used to wear, but rather for the measured manners, for the way I have, as much elegant as I can, to wear any clothes or for the wit, sometimes contaminated with a little cheek, I used to put in all my speeches.