Let’s start!!

Let us remember today, the fifth of November 2014, this date is really important because, The Stylosopher, makes its appearance online, at last! Far from the idea to compare to The Gunpowder Plot, this blog has been created to collect evidence of various kinds, starting from the question: What does Style mean?

Will be treated in a manner as possible sliding, a growing number of topics: the different aspects of life, we will talk about fashion, travel and wine, will be finally interviewed people, who will be asked for their personal idea of ​​style, with hope to encourage those who read, giving ideas and food for thought and discussion.

The Stylosopher is …this Blog, …it’s Me, …but You might be too. Follow these pages, which will become more and more.

I hope you will enjoy the reading.


                                   Sincerely yours,


                                                               The Stylosopher