Think more, Hashtag less!

Once upon a time there were labels, shelves, drawers, post-it that were used to collect all the information in a proper way, then Internet came and archives and libraries have become digital, but still we used to ​​go for a keyword research on search engines; Twitter finally arrived: a humongous volume of information with a breakneck speed and global accessibility, for anyone, anywhere. Mr Instagram has completeed the panoply… These few lines as intro to then discuss about the massive use of Hashtags! Of course they’re useful as aggregators even if they suffer because of improper use of many users. Instantly turned from a simple means of archiving tool to a great way promote anything. Now hashtags are a fundamental part of the message that you want to publish, could be a photo or a post either: just surf a bit ‘on Instagram to get an idea; The top ten most used today is:

  1.      #love
  2.      #instagood
  3.      #me
  4.      #tbt
  5.      #FOLLOW
  6.      #cute
  7.      #followme
  8.      #picoftheday
  9.      #tagsforlikes
  10.      #happy

This list is the proof of what we already knew: humans are social animals and they don’t want only to share the events of their own lives, but also the emotions and feelings they feel, all that can explain better or make a more complete a picture, and I find this is a really beautiful thing, don’t you? What puzzles me is the way someone use of hashtags with the sole purpose of appearing, just to get the highest rate of “likes” or “followers”; hashtags used as a bargaining chip, “almost” hidden requests or worse, associated with no reason but their popularity, in order to increase the chances of being noted.


I think it will be impossible to rule the use of hashtags, but I would like to call for a bit of common sense, yes: Do not trivialize your pictures or messages, if you’re deeply convinced of your ideas, no matter how many people will see what you write, but who will. Just… #beyourself.

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