Typewriters: when style has no age

Computers, tablets, smartphones, voice recorders … With the passage of time writing has become much more simple technology: the dear old pen, not to mention the charming inkstand with ink, It has been superseded by high-tech tools that respond to the need of “short and deep” typical of digital, metaphorically, it made so little enterprise.

Before Typewriters... Inkwell!

Typewriters remain, however, immortal: an emblem of crafts desk, an item that allows you to be counted in the category of writers, more or less cursed, but they are also a design object and why not luxury stuff! How can we forget the Letter 22, the famous typewriter by Olivetti used, among others, by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Indro Montanelli, Leonard Cohen, Sylvia Plath? And the Olympia SG definitely studded with ash and stains alcohol used by Charles Bukowski? And then the Smith Corona dreamy David Foster Wallace, the psychedelic Lewis Carroll‘s Hammond 1, the Olympia SM3 used by the ironic Woody Allen, the Jack Kerouac‘s Royal Standard with which he wrote “On the Road” on 36 meters of paper wallpaper … Pianos for writers with immortal sonatas composed on paper and turned into masterpieces’ pages.

To feel a bit nostalgic and to maybe start thinking about buying one, enjoy the typewriters’ gallery below …

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